The Accommodation Options at the Bum Phillips Retreat Center


Bum Phillips Retreat Center pic

Bum Phillips Retreat Center

Steven Orr is a successful investment broker and money manager in Victoria, Texas. For the past 23 years, he has operated his own investment firm under the name Orr Financial Group. Outside of his work as a broker, Steven Orr supports philanthropic initiatives for children who are deaf through Bum Phillips Charities.

In addition to its work with children who are deaf, Bum Phillips Charities has hosted a range of Christian ministry events at its Bum Phillips Retreat Center in Goliad, Texas. In addition to facilitating church-related gatherings such as its regular Under the Juniper Tree pastoral retreats, the organization books events for private and corporate clients to help fund general Retreat Center operations.

Sitting on more than 200 acres of land, the Bum Phillips Retreat Center supports multiple buildings that can accommodate up to 50 people both day and night. It offers three different housing options.

The Reno and Betsy Johnson cabins each feature two bedrooms and one full bathroom as well as amenities that range from a microwave and mini-fridge to full sheet and blanket service. The Bum’s Bunkhouse, by contrast, features two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a full kitchen with a standard stove and oven. All Bum Phillips accommodations come with air conditioning and complimentary Wi-Fi access.