steven-orr-brokerThe president and owner of Orr Financial Group for more than two decades, Steven Orr is a well-established Victoria, Texas, broker and investment strategist. Engaging with money managers across the globe, he pursues pathways that effectively preserve and build client wealth. Steven Orr’s full-service approach as a broker focuses on clients’ tolerance of risk and ways of appropriately diversifying their portfolios.

Having launched his own business at the age of 21, Mr. Orr has maintained a presence in the financial sector since 1986 and established his current firm in 1994. In 2010, he wrote The Noisemakers: Why They Keep Losing Your Money and How to Make Them Stop. His premise is that the financial markets represent a major racket, where the rules are rigged and those who run them have no vested interest in how everyday investors do financially.

Mr. Orr focuses on education as a key force in leveling the playing field for individual investors and emphasizes that understanding how the government works is essential to finding strategies that protect assets. He has taught courses on investing at Houston Baptist University and the University of Houston, Victoria, among other schools.