Three of the Top Bass Fishing Lakes in the United States


Clear Lake, California pic

Clear Lake, California

Since 1994, Steven Orr, a broker and money management professional, has served as president and owner of Orr Financial Group, located in Victoria, Texas. Away from his business endeavors, Steven Orr pursues a number of outdoor interests, including bass fishing.

In recent years, bass has ranked as the most popular freshwater game fish in the United States by a wide margin. For anglers of all skill levels, here are three of the best lakes for bass fishing in the country.

1. Clear Lake, California

Clear Lake features a variety of options for anglers, including docks, rocks, and grass flats from which to fish. Catches in the area typically measure somewhere between five and eight pounds, and 10-pound bass are not uncommon.

2. Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas and Louisiana

In 2016, this fishery yielded more than 130 bass weighing a minimum of 10 pounds. The reservoir has an area of approximately 185,000 acres and it has withstood recent fishing pressure to continue producing memorable catches for anglers.

3. Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Like Toledo Bend, Lake Okeechobee receives a considerable amount of fishing activity each year, but as the largest lake in Florida, it does not disappoint. Fishing from the grass is ideal, and fishermen will improve their chances by casting their lines during the month of January.


The Bum Phillips Retreat Center


Bum Phillips Retreat Center pic

Bum Phillips Retreat Center

A broker and financial advisor in Victoria, Texas, Steven Orr has operated his own investment firm since 1994. Aside from his work as a broker with Orr Financial Group, he has taught classes on financial strategies at multiple regional colleges and universities. Steven Orr also supports the ministry for the deaf initiatives of Bum Phillips Charities.

In addition to welcoming the Heart Sign ministry for the deaf for two retreats, the Bum Phillips Retreat Center in Goliad, Texas, has hosted a range of other events at. This property encompasses 200 acres of quiet and picturesque land, supporting the perfect environment for pastoral respite and spiritual contemplation. Able to accommodate up to 50 people, the Retreat Center caters specifically to active ministries, church gatherings, marriage retreats, and other meetings, conferences, and workshops.

Overnight accommodations at the Bum Phillips Retreat Center include the two-bedroom Reno Cabin and Betsy Johnson Cabin. Guests can also stay in the Bum’s Bunkhouse at the center of the grounds. All accommodations feature air conditioning and free wireless Internet.

Piston Engine Aircraft

Piston Engine Aircraft pic

Piston Engine Aircraft

Steven Orr is a broker and investment advisor based in Victoria, Texas. Mr. Orr has owned and operated the Orr Financial Group for more than 25 years. Outside of his accomplishments as a broker and wealth manager, Steven Orr is a licensed pilot and has flown the fastest piston engine aircraft in the world.

Piston engines operate under the same principles as the early steam engines of the 17th century. Piston aircraft are powered by classic internal combustion engines that use the hot gas from ignited fuel to fire pistons. The pistons then move a crankshaft that rotates the plane’s propeller(s).

Current manufacturers of piston engine aircraft include Cessna, Cirrus, Mooney, Diamond, and Hawker Beechcraft. Compared with modern turboprop engine aircraft, piston engine aircraft are typically less expensive and are ideal for making relatively short flights of less than 400 miles at relatively low altitudes (less than 15,000 feet).