The University of Houston’s Campaign to Raise $1 Billion

University of Houston, pic

University of Houston

A broker with more than two decades of experience, Steven Orr serves as president of Orr Financial Group in Victoria, Texas. Outside of his work as a broker, Steven Orr has taught several courses on investment strategies sponsored by the University of Houston, which is engaged in a campaign to raise $1 billion.

The University of Houston is moving toward its goal of raising $1 billion to improve its programs and continue serving as a hub of learning and research in Texas. Through this historic campaign, the university aims to instill in its students the knowledge needed to promote the future growth of industry in Houston.

The funds raised will create opportunities through scholarships and fellowships aimed at attracting academically talented students from diverse backgrounds. The university also plans to leverage donations to improve its athletics programs and maintain state-of-the-art academic buildings, such as the Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering Building. Donations may also lead to the creation of endowed chairs, allowing the university to attract and retain faculty and continue its legacy as a premier research institution.